Vectors are the backbones that house a DNA fragment, be it a protein coding sequence, a miRNA, an RNAi hairpin or a CRISPR sgRNA. A well-designed vector would also be incorporated various functional elements, such as promoter, drug selection, lenti or retroviral packing elements, a reporter gen, etc.

Creating vectors is OriGene's major expertise in serving molecular biologists. All of OriGene's plasmid products are housed in one of our own vectors, being thoroughly tested internally and cited in thousands of citations.

OriGene pCMV6-Entry Vector PS100001

Featured Vectors:

  • PrecisionShuttle vectors: These are a long list of overexpression vectors with the same MCS (multiple-cloning-site). This design allows easy shuttling of the insert between any of the 2 vectors using a simple Cut-and-Paste protocol
  • Lenti Vectors: A list of vectors enabling downstream lentiviral particle production.
  • CRISPR gRNA vectors: A list of vectors for gRNA expression
  • Custom Cloning: Let OriGene's cloning experts assist you in vector construction.

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