Legacy Placeholder Page for Safety Data Sheets

Many OriGene products are classified as mixtures that contain hazardous ingredients in low concentrations (less than 1%), which when released the hazardous chemical component does not exceed the permissable exposure limit or "Threshold Limit Value." SDSs are offered by OriGene since the Hazards Communication Standard set by OSHA does not exempt these mixtures from disclosure.

Percent composition of the hazardous components is listed in Section 2 - "Composition and Information on Hazardous (OSHA) Ingredients." Available TLVs for specific hazardous components are listed in Section 3 - "Hazards Identification."

SDS Available

Specific questions regarding information supplied should be addressed to OriGene's Safety Office

Each of our Safety Data Sheets is a downloadable PDF that requires you to have Acrobat Reader installed: Download Acrobat Reader